Most of our members use Healthexpress 365 virtual care health plans as a complement to their health insurance. Some decide it is a smart financial strategy to combine a lower-premium high-deductible health insurance plan with the HealthExpress 365 health plans. High-deductible insurance can serve as a backup to cover unforeseen significant needs like hospitalizations, while our preventive approach meets most day-to-day health care needs with huge savings. HealthExpress 365 health plans include unlimited 24/365 teledoctor visits, home labs, virtual check-ups, no-cost telemedicine prescriptions, mental health, addiction therapy, and a customized health app to keep all your medical data in the comfort of home or on-to-go. Our health plans will help you save deductible, copay, and prescription dollars typically associated with health insurance, and empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle.