Project Description

Healthcare Liasons Tailored Just For You

We help our members navigate their healthcare needs through finding the right doctor, treatment or therapy, as needed. Our Healthcare Liaisons can also locate doctors, specialists, therapists, counselors, hospitals, surgical solutions, second opinions and pharmacies as well as research treatments, resolve claims, and provide medical explanations so our members can make more informed decisions.

Looking out for your health can be difficult when you are worried about your budget. No need to worry! Our members have access to our Healthcare Liaisons who are here to help. Whether you need help negotiating your past or current medical bills, or your looking for health financial assistance, we’ll find you the service you need at a lower cost.

  • Untangle medical bills and insurance claims

  • Locate doctors, specialists, hospitals, surgical solutions and pharmacies

  • Clarify benefits and answer questions about tests, treatments and medications
  • Coordinate care among multiple providers
  • Assist with eldercare and related healthcare issues
  • Pre-negotiate any future hospital stays, surgeries or procedures

  • Arrange second opinions at $0 cost to provide in-depth assessments that confirm or modify major health diagnoses, provide treatment recommendations and answer members’ questions.
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with providers and find options for non-covered services
  • Transfer medical records
  • Provide information about brand or generic prescription options

Questions about finding a doctor, treatment, need a prescription, or help with past or current health financial assistance? Our Healthcare Liaisons are available 24/365 to help you get started. Set up your profile here, hit the chat button below or call to speak with us at 1 (888) 291-0057 now!

How to Prepare for your HealthExpress 365 TeleDoctor online visit

Please help us make your online Teledoctor visit the best experience by following these helpful tips.

  • Find a calm and quiet space for your visit.
  • Tell your provider who the visit is for – you, your child, or family member and the reason for your visit.
  • Be specific about your health concerns, symptoms, questions and treatment.
  • Stay engaged and please follow post-visit instructions, prescriptions or therapy needed, if any are provided.

Schedule a Visit Today

If your feeling ill, have a runny nose, fever, chills, want to set up your annual check-up or speak with a doctor about a prescription, mental health or addiction therapy, please talk to a doctor here to receive a custom treatment plan tailored for you and tour family.

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A Healthcare Liaison Will Guide You Every Step of the Way

Following enrollment, a Healthcare Liaison will contact you by email, text and phone to provide our 365Members Health Portal access to help you navigate your wide range of advanced, cost-saving and convenient health benefits.

By using our health services daily, we save you out-of-pocket, copay and prescription dollars that are typically associated with health insurance.