Project Description


HealthExpress 365 is a global leader in telemedicine and virtual care – making complete healthcare more affordable and convenient! With our individual and family health plans, we provide $0 cost unlimited TeleDoctor visits from your phone, tablet or computer.

Get the care you need with U.S. board-certified doctors, health specialists, and therapists by phone or video who are available 24/365! Teledoctor appointments mean no more co-pays, no more crowded ER’s, and helps limit germ-exposure in doctors’ offices!


  • Convenient video chat with outstanding U.S. board-certified doctors, specialists and therapists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Affordable low-cost health plans starting as low as $79.95 a month, along with options for the whole family for $99.95, up to 7 family members (Anywhere in the United States).

Unlimited Chronic Disease Management

Unlimited treatment and management of many chronic conditions. Pre-existing conditions within manageable ranges are accepted, including:

•  Abdominal Pain
•  Abscess
•  Acid Reflux
•  Allergies
•  Arthritis
•  Asthma
•  Backache
•  Blood Pressure
•  Bronchitis
•  Bowel Issues
•  Cellulitis
•  Cold
•  Constipation
•  Cough
•  Croup
•  Diarrhea
•  Dizziness
•  Eye Infection
•  Fever
•  Flu
•  Gas/Bloating
•  Gout
•  Headache
•  Migraine
•  Herpes
•  Joint Pain
• Joint Swelling
•  Laryngitis
•  Pink-eye
•  Poison Ivy/Oak
•  Rash
•  Respiratory Distress
•  Sinusitis
•  Skin Injury
•  Sore Throat
•  Sprains & Strains
•  Strep
•  Tonsillitis
•  Women’s Health
•  Yeast Infection

Questions about Teledoctor treatment options? Our Healthcare Liaisons are available 24/365 to help you get started. Set up your profile here, hit the chat button below or call to speak with us at 1 (888) 291-0057 now!

How to Prepare for your HealthExpress 365 TeleDoctor online visit

Please help us make your online Teledoctor visit the best experience by following these helpful tips.

  • Find a calm and quiet space for your visit.
  • Tell your provider who the visit is for – you, your child, or family member and the reason for your visit.
  • Be specific about your health concerns, symptoms, questions and treatment.
  • Stay engaged and please follow post-visit instructions, prescriptions or therapy needed, if any are provided.

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If your feeling ill, have a runny nose, fever, chills, want to set up your annual check-up or speak with a doctor about a prescription, mental health or addiction therapy, please talk to a doctor here to receive a custom treatment plan tailored for you and your family.

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