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$1 to $5 Telemedicine Prescriptions Make Our Health Plans A Great Value

HealthExpress 365 members won’t have to worry about the expensive cost of 400 commonly prescribed medications. That’s because HealthExpress 365 Navigo RX Prescription Program provides over 400 medications prescribed through our teledoctors for $1 to $5.

Not only will subscribers get great discounts on all other drugs not on the formulary, but our live Customer Care Team is ready to help you find the lowest price available.

Ordering your monthly medications is convenient, easy, and secure right from your phone.

Excellent Value!

Prescriptions sent directly to your local pharmacy. Your Navigo RX card will help guide you to find the lowest price possible for your generic and brand medications. As a member, you’ll receive an Navigo RX prescription card that can be presented at any retail pharmacy (over 60,000 in network) and if the drug is on the formulary – the subscriber will pay $1 to $5. If a drug is not on the $5.00 or less formulary, the subscriber’s out-of-pocket cost will be based on a deeply discounted price.

All future chronic or recurring medications will be mailed directly to the subscriber for just $1 to $5.00 too. Plus, discounts on diabetic supplies, level three prescriptions and other medical supply saving options.

Members can choose between prescriptions sent directly to their local pharmacy or national mail order to their home. Your Navigo RX card will help you find the lowest price possible for your generic and brand medications.

  • Over 400 Telemedicine prescriptions are $1 to $5.

  • Diabetic supplies at deep discounts.

  • Navigo RX card to use at more than 60,000 pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, RiteAid, Kroger and more.
  • $5 Men’s Health Meds–generic Viagra® and Cialis® (terms and conditionals apply)

Questions about our Navigo RX Prescription Program? Our Healthcare Liaisons are available 24/365 to help you get started. Set up your profile here, hit the chat button below or call to speak with us at 1 (888) 291-0057 now!

How to Prepare for your HealthExpress 365 TeleDoctor online visit

Please help us make your online Teledoctor visit the best experience by following these helpful tips.

  • Find a calm and quiet space for your visit.
  • Tell your provider who the visit is for – you, your child, or family member and the reason for your visit.
  • Be specific about your health concerns, symptoms, questions and treatment.
  • Stay engaged and please follow post-visit instructions, prescriptions or therapy needed, if any are provided.

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