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HealthExpress 365 promotes a healthy lifestyle by detecting, treating and managing acute and chronic conditions before onset of serious illness.

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Our Advanced, Affordable, and Preventive Health Plans Cover All Your Family’s Health Needs

Using HealthExpress 365 health plans significantly reduces health insurance out-of-pocket, copay and prescription costs, allowing members to screen their health and labs from home. We also offer $1 to $5 prescriptions* and include many services not included with or without health insurance such as mental health, addiction therapy and home labs for your entire family.



Teledoctor HealthExpress 365 is a global leader in telemedicine and virtual care – making complete healthcare more affordable and convenient! With our individual and family health plans, we provide $0 cost unlimited TeleDoctor visits from your phone, tablet or computer. Get the care you [...]


Telemedicine Prescriptions

$1 to $5 Telemedicine Prescriptions Make Our Health Plans A Great Value HealthExpress 365 members won’t have to worry about the expensive cost of 400 commonly prescribed medications. That’s because HealthExpress 365 Navigo RX Prescription Program provides over 400 medications prescribed through our teledoctors [...]


Behavioral / Mental Health

We Can Help Improve Your Mental Health and Mood Our at-home teletherapy solution provides access to high-quality, convenient, private and confidential mental health services, so health and wellness members can get the support they need right from home. Mental health can include emotional, psychological, and social [...]


Addiction Therapy

Help Find Balance in Your Life With Our Private Addiction Therapy Program Addiction is a complex disease that can affect many areas of a person’s life. Addiction typically requires custom treatments that address your specific symptoms and underlying causes of the disease, as well as [...]


Healthcare Liaison

Healthcare Liasons Tailored Just For You We help our members navigate their healthcare needs through finding the right doctor, treatment or therapy, as needed. Our Healthcare Liaisons can also locate doctors, specialists, therapists, counselors, hospitals, surgical solutions, second opinions and pharmacies as well as [...]


Medical Pricing Transparency

Check Average Health Costs In Your Area to Keep Your Healthcare Affordable Our proprietary Medical Pricing Tool enables you to conveniently source qualified physicians and treatment and compare costs. Search with terms, doctor names, CPT codes, shop for affordable, convenient care and make informed decisions. [...]

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A Healthcare Liaison Will Guide You Every Step of the Way

Following enrollment, a Healthcare Liaison will contact you by email, text and phone to provide our 365Members Health Portal access to help you navigate your wide range of advanced, cost-saving and convenient health benefits.

By using our health services daily, we save you out-of-pocket, copay and prescription dollars that are typically associated with health insurance. For questions, please hit the chat button below or call us at 1 888 291-0057!