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139 Million Americans are struggling with medical debt - and we can start saving you money today! Questions? Chat with us here. Start Saving Now!

See How Much We’ll Help You Save

HealthExpress 365 will negotiate directly with doctors, specialists, hospitals, and care providers, on your behalf, achieve highly discounted rates, and lower payment terms on any procedures. We cut out the middlemen that drive up costs to save you up to 80% on your care. Financial stress can degrade your health and we’re here to bring you peace of mind. You don’t have to pay full price.

Medical Bill Negotiation

Let's face it accidents happen and unexpected health procedures and expenses arise. If you’ve incurred an out-of-pocket medical bill, we can help!

You simply upload your explanation of benefits (EOB) or claim and one of our expert healthcare liaisons will perform an in-depth, three-pronged, medical bill review.

  • We review the claim
  • Our health experts identify savings opportunities
  • We develop & deploy a negotiation strategy with our proprietary health network intel.
  • Then we negotiate, on your behalf, with the providers so we can pass that savings directly to you.

Did you know Medical Bills cause 61% of all bankruptcies!

Medical Pricing Transparency

When it comes to health care costs, it's a complex process to navigate. it's difficult to determine if you're paying appropriate prices or getting cheated.

We believe pricing should be 100% transparent so you know your costs in full before you receive the services.

We review service providers and health care facilities in your area to determine the best price. Then, our expert healthcare liaison team handles all of the negotiations for you and sends you a fixed price cost for your procedure in advance.

We negotiate the exact cost of your procedure, before you even schedule an appointment or use your healthcare liaison to schedule the appointment for you. 100% transparency.

All these health services are included for one low monthly fee. No copays. No surprise bills.

Healthcare Liaison

A Healthcare Liaison is an expert trained member of our team who is here to assist you with all of your health needs. Our expert trained healthcare liaisons are here to make sure health care is easy for you.

We are available by phone, online chat, or instant message. Once you choose your teledoctor, we work directly with your doctors to help set up appointments, reissue prescriptions, assist with home labs, and make sure you get the best price possible.

This includes a full savings analysis to ensure you save as much as possible, now, and in the future.
We search out the best doctors, providers, procedures, and testing facilities, and negotiate prices for you. Once we find you the best value & price will even schedule your appointment. After your appointment, we will assist you with your bills to make sure they're accurate, and paid on your schedule and terms.

Our Healthcare Liaisons work for you!


Registered Nurse (RN) Team

Our Registered Nurse Team supports your teledoctor by responding to questions and concerns sent via the 365Members Health Portal.


Licensed Teledoctors

Healthxpress 365 doctors are all M.D.’s and licensed in internal medicine or family medicine from top U.S. medical schools and health systems.


Healthcare Liaison

Healthcare Liaisons work directly with your doctors to help set up appointments, reissue prescriptions, assist with home labs, and ensure you get the best price possible.

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